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Peter Symonds

Guide to Applying: Education

Current School

QuestionGuidance Notes
Name of your current school or college If your school isn't in the list, please type the name of your school in the "Other, please specify" box.
How long have you been at this school (approximately)? Please let us know how long you have been at your current school. If you don't know the exact length, please enter an approximate time.
Please tell us your tutor / form group at your current school We will ask your school for a reference, by entering your form or tutor group name it helps us and your school to identify you.
Other schools If you have changed schools since you were 11 years old, please enter your old school and which town it is in in this box. For instance The Westgate School, Winchester

What are you studying?

QuestionGuidance Notes
What are you studying? We'd like to know which subjects you are currently taking and which exams you have taken in the past.

If you have been given a predicted, target or expected grade please enter it in the "predicted grade" box, otherwise leave that empty. If you have already taken the final exam and you know your grade, please enter that in the "actual grade" box, otherwise leave that empty.