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Peter Symonds

Guide to Applying

The Peter Symonds College application form is split into several stages. The number of stages may seem daunting at first but many of them are very short. You also don't need to complete the form in one go, you can save your progress at the end of each stage and complete the form over several days if you wish.

There is no need to rush to submit your form as we don’t process any applications until after the deadline has passed. Applications received on the first day will be treated the same as applications received on deadline day. Take your time and check that everything you enter is correct.

If you need help with your form, or if you have any questions please contact the Admissions Department on 01962 857555 or by email at

General Tips

  • Please try and use sentence case throughout the form. For instance, when you enter your name, enter it as James rather than JAMES or james.
  • Remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of each form page. After you have clicked the save button, you can close your web browser and come back to your form at a later date if you wish.